Our Services

Supply and Installation of Window Systems

We specialize in the supply and installation of modern window and glazing systems 

Site Glazed Curtain Wall

Supply and installation of site glazed curtain wall. Suitable for commercial and residential projects. 

Storefront Systems

Framed and frameless storefront systems designed for range of applications: restaurants, retail, offices.

Glass Canopies

We supply and install glass canopies designed to enhance your outdoor space. Dozens of designs to suit your needs.

Decorative Glass

Decorative glass in various shapes and colors for commercial and residential applications to create a unique look for your building .  

Partition Walls

Contemporary partition walls for your indoor spaces. Clear, etched, or special design glass available.


Custom size and shape mirrors for residential and commercial applications: lobbys, bathrooms, gyms, etc.

Management & Installation Services

We specialize in management and installation of Unitised Curtain Wall and Window Wall products 

Window Wall

Managament and installation of all window wall systems. Full spectre service including prep work, waterproofing, installation and deficiency work.

Unitized Curtain Wall

Management and installation of unitized curtain wall systems for large projects of any difficulty.

Special Projects

We specialize in the supply and installation of modern window and glazing systems 

Renovation Projects

High quality renovation services – demolition and replacement of your existing windows with modern window systems.

Custom Home Glazing

Supply and installation of window systems for custom high end home: architectural windows and site glazed curtain wall.

Special Glass

Supply and installation of wide range of glass products: safety glass, coloured glass, etched, mirrors, etc.